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What is WingSurfing

WingSurfing is the fastest growing water sport right now. Its still a young sport, but making a huge impact on the watersports world. Wing-surfing is a cross between , paddleboarding ,windsurfing and surfing and once you pump the wing up , away you go !!

Using a hand-held Wing to power a SUP board or foilboard ,anyone can learn this amazing sport , even if you have no previous watersports experience .

With the correct kit and tuition you can quickly feel the freedom of winging using the power of the wind, without masts, lines or harnesses .

You can pretty much wing anywhere , lakes , estuaries , the sea ,on flat water or in the surf and is amazing fun !!

Wing-surfing has already taken off and is quickly attracting followers around the world. Some people describe wing-surfing as less extreme than kiteboarding, with more freedom than windsurfing, which adds to its general appeal. Its also an amazing workout and utilises the upper and lower body in a full body workout !!

What are you waiting for,come and try it , you might love it like we did !